A glimpse on learning what a mentor really is from anime prespective.

© GAINAX, Kazuyoshi Nakajima/ Gurren Lagann Production Committee

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or often called Gurren Lagann is one of the anime that has changed my mindset in life. This anime is able to provide a “distinctive energy” in overcoming the obstacles that exist in each…

Interacting and knowing more with the story presented to the reader.

Little Busters! | © 2017 VISUAL ARTS/Key/PROTOTYPE

Reading, everyone reads right? If you don’t… then why do you even read this article anyway? Aside from that, if you read, then your preferences on reading might be different over another. Some of you might love to read…

Cakra Bhirawa

An ordinary person who loves Japanese pop culture and game. You may also visit my website at https://tjakrabirawa.com/

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